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We offer customized Project Management services, based on lightweight methodologies.


With the primary challenge to achieve all the goals while honoring the main constraints (scope, time, quality, & budget), we always work in an adaptive manner, according to demanding situations.

That's why we like to actively involve our clients in the project development.


Furthermore, we provide dedicated expertise for the interaction of processes with report preparation, organization of workshops, social meetings and communication events.



Our non destructive testing (NDT) service covers a wide group of techniques to evaluate the properties of materials, components, products, weldings as:

- Ultrasonic Testing & Thickness Measurements
- Magnetic Particle Inspection
- Penetrant Testing
- Visual Inspection
- Radiographic Inspection
- Thermography

- Measurement of Ferrite content

- Leak Test through Vacuum Box

- Hardness test

- Moisture content on composite materials

- Chemical Analyses

- Noise & Vibration analysis

- Inventory of Hazardous Materials

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Hole in the hull of the yacht

With strong experience and knowledge in niche sectors as for example Maritime, Yachting, Intermodal Transport, we manage every aspect of Insurance Claims so that our clients can properly focus on their specific core business.

We provide timely advice upon incidents or potential claims with high quality reporting service across the whole casualty scenario.

We obtain and monitor competency of service suppliers ensuring that quality standards and cost targets are achieved as necessary.

We deliver specialized support to deal with all involved parties as insurance companies,  authorities, surveyors, loss adjusters and solicitors.

We guarantee:

  • Proper ​evaluation of coverage, liability and exposure for each claim;

  • Analytic estimate of total repair costs;

  • Quick resolution of disputes, avoiding litigation;

  • Prompt settlement when liability and quantum are agreed;

  • Risk assessment and loss mitigation.


affari della stretta di mano

We provide a flexible approach to understand, define and support inter-business activities, working as a link to ensure productive relationship between company management, business units (Technical, HR, ITC, Finance, etc.), partners and suppliers.

Mitigating risks and reducing friction within processes, our goal is to enable stakeholders to evaluate and improve business performances.

Also, we implement dedicated business development services to support interactions of our Clients with their potential, current and future customers.

Our activity involves the use of technologies, social media, dedicated software, to properly support the upcoming business.



We are able to provide specialist inspection services in the Industrial, Maritime, Yachting & Insurance sectors through:


  • Data collection and technical appraisal of assets, operational procedures and business activities with creation of "ad-hoc" templates, by using proprietary software.

  • Audits and inspections with issue of relevant reports and advice on improvement opportunities, preventive and corrective actions, analysis of indicators and evaluation of results through IT applications.

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Together with our partners, we are able to offer personalized consultancy in the field of health and safety at work, providing risk assessment, operational plans, staff training and anything else to fulfill national regulations (ex. Italian Legislative Decree 81/08) and international (ex. QHSE Code).

Through agile software methodologies, we also provide dedicated advice on Quality Management in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements. We support our Clients with analysis and optimization of business processes, management of documentation and resources also (but not necessarily) accompanying towards certification of the management system by a notified body.

We coordinate all the resources to provide customized advice, avoiding high costs and issues of sized consulting companies.

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We offer expert witness consultancy through innovative technologies as digital reconstruction of incidents, unmanned vehicles, nondestructive testing of materials, computer forensics, etc.

With deep knowledge of court proceedings we can also provide a wide range of services as:

  • Formal notice

  • Insurance claim settlement

  • Contract preparation


Analizzando i grafici

Our procurement and workforce management concept encompasses supply chain management strategies for sourcing, negotiation of contracts and acquiring goods, services or workforce from external sources, then following through to ensure contracts are fulfilled according to contract terms.


The ultimate long-term goals of our procurement service are cost savings, spend control, and workflow efficiency.

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